Andamanda Phuket recognizes the importance of sustainable business practices, environmental responsibility, and community support. We focus on resource efficiency and minimal environmental impact, aligning with sustainable business principles in all aspects. Through the collaboration between Andamanda Phuket and the Mai Khao Marine Turtle Foundation, we organized a Sea Turtle Release event, rehabilitating and releasing 3 injured sea turtles back into the ocean. Additionally, we raised and donated a total of 150,000 baht from sales and contributions.



No Single-use Plastic Campaign

Andamanda Phuket is committed to reducing single-use plastic consumption. Throughout the campaign, we successfully minimized plastic bottle waste by 386,642 bottles through promoting reusable materials. Every purchase of our reusable items and plush sea turtle toys contributed to both reducing plastic waste and supporting environmental conservation. In 2567, we continued our efforts by releasing 3 rehabilitated sea turtles and donating 150,000 baht.




Supporting Local Community

Andamanda Phuket prioritizes sustainable community development, fostering local culture and supporting community prosperity. By promoting OTOP (One Tambon One Product) items within the water park, we generated sales of over 872,125.86 baht. We aim to reduce inequality and enhance self-reliance within communities.


Local Employment Opportunities

Andamanda Phuket aims to create job opportunities for local residents, with over 90% of our workforce coming from Phuket and Southern Thailand. We provide internships for local students, contributing to their skill development and future employment prospects. Furthermore, we support individuals with disabilities, providing equal opportunities for employment and showcasing their abilities within our workforce.



Efficient Water Management 

Understanding the significance of water conservation, Andamanda Phuket implements a Zero Waste approach to water management. Our Water Circulation System ensures 96.3% water recirculation within the park, minimizing new water intake. Additionally, we recycle food waste by donating it to local farmers, providing over 50 kilograms of animal feed daily and reducing environmental impact.


Food Waste Management 

Andamanda Phuket emphasizes efficient food waste management, redirecting it to support local farmers. We donate over 50 kilograms of food waste daily, totaling 18 tons annually, to assist farmers in cost reduction and environmental preservation.