Andamanda Phuket - The Best Waterpark in Thailand

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Discover the newest magnificent waterpark gem on the island of Phuket, Thailand, where mystic legends lie and await your discovery. Enjoy a splashing time and immerse yourself in Thai mythology at Andamanda Phuket, a Thai heritage-themed waterpark that embraces the local Thai culture.


Andamanda Phuket brings you a quest for hidden treasures from the Andaman Sea. Among the many fun things you can enjoy is exploring our water kingdom, which is 100,000 square meters of thrilling fun and undoubtedly the best waterpark in Phuket to spend the day.

Rolling Ripples

Grab a tube and float along Phuket’s longest lazy river, Rolling Ripples. Vibe out and relax for a perfect lazy day.

Eagle Flyer

Soar down vertically and bounce back up for great Adrenaline rush!

Racing Nagas

Climb your way up to the top of Racing Naga’s and let ‘er rip. Race against your friends on this thrilling water slide


Get ready for a gastronomy journey like no other at Andamanda Aquapark in Phuket! Our dynamic food hubs are where the allure of Thai traditions customs and International comes to life. This enchanting boat market boasts a mesmerizing blend of Thai tradition at The Village & Tropical Beach nestled in the heart of Andamanda Phuket.

Great Food Great Shop

Wave Bar

Dip deep, take a sip and get all lost into another wold.

The Village

The Village Restaurant is the ideal place to experience the charm of a traditional Thai market, with a dash of international flair. The Village Restaurant specializes in made to order local Thai, Italian and American dishes, along with curries from all over the world!


Sand Bar

Come and sip on a  signature drink at this one of a kind Swim-up bar.

Tropical Beach

Guests looking to enjoy a beach day barbeque will find all that and more at Tropical Beach Restaurant. The Tropical Beach Restaurant specializes in made to order Thai style grilled seafood, American style ribs as well as everyone’s favorite surf and turf.


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Pearl Palace

The Pearl Palace, gateway  to the magnificent gem of the ocean where mystic legends await your discovery at Ticketing / The Barzaar Retail (400 sqm.) , Photo Kiosk as well as  1,100 Locker availble to rent and  with 65 Shower Rooms 18 Changing Rooms and 38 Toilets.


Where Legend Meets Fantasy

Inspired by Thai culture and heritage, Andamanda brings you a quest for hidden treasures from the Andaman Sea. We offer a sea adventure within our Phuket aquapark that explores the tales of Thai mythology.

Iconic Thai Architecture

Paying respect to the history of our island, Andamanda takes a cue from Phuket’s Sino-Portuguese heritage and blends it with extravagant architecture as represented in Thai literature. This is surrounded by a tropical green scape and the famous limestone formations of the Andaman Sea.

Celebrating Thai Culture, Liveihood and Heritage

Andamanda is a leisure and entertainment destination that aims to celebrate the very fundamentals of Thai culture, livelihood and heritage - a place where everyone can eat, rest and play.