Experience the Thrill of Flow Riding at Andamanda Phuket

Whether beginners or seasoned, watersports and surfing enthusiasts are sure to have a memorable flow-riding experience at the best water park in Phuket. This innovative sport is one of the many exciting attractions at Andamanda Phuket.


What is Flow Riding?

Little girl riding a bodyboard on a wave simulator


Flow riding, also known as flow boarding, is a board sport that combines the key elements of surfing and bodyboarding. In flow riding, you ride a flow board or bodyboard on artificial waves created by a machine called the Flow Rider. This surf machine creates consistent waves to suit all levels of riders in a controlled environment. Flow riding is a versatile sport suitable for everyone, whether you are starting to learn how to surf or are a seasoned surfer who wants more practice. It's a great workout that engages your core, improves balance, and enhances overall physical fitness.


Artificial Surfing for Everyone

Andamanda Phuket’s Flow Rider, the most famous surf machine, is ideal for surfers of every skill level. If you’re new to surfing or flow boarding, Flow Rider provides a safe learning environment. The steady flow of water allows you to get the feel of the board under your feet and learn the basics of balancing and maneuvering.

For intermediate riders who have more experience, Flow Rider allows you to develop your skills further. You can experiment with turns, spins, and other techniques before trying them out on natural waves in the open water, which are unpredictable. Meanwhile, advanced surfers can still find Flow Rider enjoyable as it presents challenging waves that help to enhance their skills and practice moves for seasoned riders.


Flow Riding Tips

To help you make the most of your time on the Flow Rider at Andamanda Phuket, here are some valuable tips:


Take a Lesson

If you’re new to flow riding, start with a lesson. Instructors at Andamanda Phuket can provide valuable guidance on basics like stance, balance, and board control.


Choose the Right Board

Bodyboards are great for beginners, offering more stability and ease of control. As you get more comfortable, try the flow board for a more challenging ride. While body boards are available at our park, guests can also bring their own flow boards to ride.


Have the Proper Stance

Keep your knees slightly bent and your body centered over the board. This stance helps maintain balance and control.


Stay Relaxed

Tension in your body can make you more prone to wipeouts. Try to stay relaxed and go with the flow of the water.


Look in the Direction You Want to Go

Your body tends to follow your eyes, so looking in the direction you want to move helps steer the board.


Practice Falling Safely

Wipeouts are part of the learning process. Learn to fall safely by letting go of the board and trying to fall flat to avoid injury.


Don’t Get Discouraged

Like any new sport, flow riding has a learning curve. Don’t get discouraged by early falls, and remember that improvement comes with practice.


Watch and Learn

When you’re not riding, watch others, especially experienced riders. Observing them can show you valuable techniques you can apply.


Stay Hydrated and Protected

Flow riding is physically demanding. Stay hydrated and use sunscreen to protect against the Phuket sun.


Flow Riding and More at Andamanda Phuket

Happy family enjoying a water ride


Located in the Emerald Forest zone of Andamanda Phuket, the Flow Rider is one of the many attraction highlights for many surfing and water sports enthusiasts. It offers the fun experience of riding artificial waves in Andamanda Phuket’s vibrant, Thai-themed atmosphere. Trained instructors are on hand to guide you through the ride to ensure it’s safe and enjoyable. 


After you’ve enjoyed the waves at Flow Rider, why not explore the other attractions? Andamanda Phuket is a complete entertainment destination, ensuring your visit is filled with unique and unforgettable memories.


There are plenty of activities that promise their own thrills. From exhilarating drop slides to family-friendly raft slides, the variety of water slides at Andamanda caters to thrill-seekers of all ages. Spend hours in the water play area at Atoll Adventures, take a dip into our Emerald Pool, float along the Rolling Ripples lazy river, or enjoy the tropical beach vibe at Andaman Bay. 


Lay back and relax in one of our private Cabanas and Water Villas. Go on a gastronomic journey and enjoy the delicious offerings at The Village Restaurant, Wave Bar, Sand Bar, and Tropical Beach Restaurant. Explore the park’s beautifully landscaped zones and picturesque spots, which are perfect for relaxation and capturing memories.

Prepare for a day of fun, excitement, and adventure at Andamanda Phuket! Book your ticket today.

If you love board sports, experience artificial surfing and enjoy the thrill of flow riding at Andamanda Phuket's Flow Rider.