Navigating Water Park Thrills Safely

Ah, summer's in full swing, and what's a better way to cool off than at one of the largest water parks in Phuket? Spanning 100,000 square meters, Andamanda Water Park offers endless fun and joy for all ages. From the rush of sliding down thrilling rides to the joy of just messing about in the water, it's all about making those summer days unforgettable.


But let's not forget - fun comes with responsibility. We are here to share some vital water park safety tips to keep the good times safe.


Preparation is Key

Before you set off for a day of fun in the water, a little preparation goes a long way. Pack comfortable water shoes, which can prevent slips and falls on wet surfaces. Other essentials like water-resistant sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses will protect your family from the sun's rays. You will find plenty of spots to stay hydrated inside our park and snacks for energy boosts.


For young children experiencing a water park for the first time, talk through what they can expect and explain the importance of staying close to a parent or guardian or not feeling hesitant about reaching out to our park's staff on each ride. Remember, preparation is also about setting expectations and ensuring everyone is ready for a day of adventure and fun with our essential water park safety tips.


Water Park Safety Tips

Essential water park safety tips


Supervision Strategies

Water parks are always bustling with excitement and activity, so it’s crucial to keep a vigilant eye on children at all times. Establish a buddy system with older children and hold hands with younger ones in crowded areas. Agree on a meeting spot in case anyone gets separated, and ensure kids know how to identify park staff for help.


Understanding and Following Water Park Rules

Each ride and attraction has specific guidelines for a vital reason: to ensure everyone's safety at our water park. Make it a point to read and follow these rules, including height and age restrictions. Encourage your children to always listen to lifeguards and staff, who are there to create a safe environment for everyone.


Always Stay Hydrated And Use Sun Protection

When knee-deep in the fun, it's easy to forget about the sun above. Apply water-resistant sunscreen regularly and wear protective clothing. Staying hydrated is equally important, as it's easy to get dehydrated in the sun and while swimming. Keep water bottles handy and take regular water breaks.


Recognizing and Avoiding Potential Hazards

Although we take comprehensive measures to maintain safety in our water park, it’s important to be alert about potential general hazards such as slippery surfaces, deep water areas, and crowded pools. Teach your children to walk, not run, around pool decks and to be cautious when entering and exiting water slides and pools.


Selecting Suitable Rides and Attractions

Not all attractions are suitable for every age group or swimming ability - always read our instruction signboards diligently to assess each ride's suitability for your family members, especially for children or anyone with physical ailments. It is important to stick to attractions that meet everyone's comfort and skill level.


Maintaining Hygiene

At Andamanda, we use world-class certified methods to ensure the utmost hygiene. Regardless, it is essential to encourage your family to shower before entering the water and after visiting the bathroom. This helps maintain water cleanliness for everyone. Also, make sure to dry your ears thoroughly after swimming to prevent any potential infections.


What to Do in Case of a Minor Injury

Familiarize yourself with the location of our first aid stations within our park. Our staff are always on hand to assist you. Minor scrapes and cuts can happen, so knowing where and how you can find medical assistance if needed is important.


A Balanced Day Of Fun Under The Sun

While the thrills of our water slides and wave pools are exciting, remember to balance your day with relaxation. Take breaks in our shaded areas or at dedicated zones such as our Cabanas and Water Villa. Enjoy a family meal at any of our restaurants, and explore quieter parts of our park to recharge.


Make A Splash At Andamanda!

Andamanda Water Park in Phuket


Now that you are all familiar with our essential water park safety tips - it’s time for fun! Andamanda Water Park is the newest splashy attraction in Phuket, where excitement knows no bounds. Our 100,000-square-meter colossal oasis of fun is designed around the adventurous spirit of Thai mythology, where you can learn and discover more about local Thai culture.


Prepare for an adventure like no other, where the secrets of the Andaman Sea are yours to uncover. Drift in bliss on a tube ride at our lazy river - the longest in Phuket. Experience the heart-racing descent of our Eagle Flyer, and challenge your friends on our fast-paced Racing Naga slides. This is only a mere glimpse of what we have on offer.


With a steadfast commitment to safety, we are here to ensure that your joy and well-being sail hand in hand at our water park. Our dedicated team is always on the lookout, guaranteeing that every laugh, splash, and cheer happens in the safest environment possible.


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Get ready for a splashtastic summer at Andamanda Phuket! To ensure you have a great time, read our essential water park safety tips.