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Among the vast ocean of the deepest of blue color of the Great Andaman Bay, lies a hidden gem in a form of a magnificent island, covered in greenest lushes and brightest exotic floras. 
This is the Andamanda Island. 

The People of Andamanda lives peacefully in the five territories, unawared that a great doom is about to fall upon their faith.  

Little did they know that their humble home is about to face a great magical adventure
Legend has it that a great treasure was buried underneath the heart of the island.  

However, no one knew exactly what and where it was.

From a far distance, eying with desire,  the evil and fearless Captain Samut, was preparing his crew to seize the beautiful island, hoping to seek and conquer the legendary treasure.

Captain Samut and his infamous crew were known to be the most gruesome pirates in the ocean.  Any land they set their feet on would never see peace again. Monstrous black clouds hovered over the Great Andaman Bay as troop of ships sail towards the island, casting a dark shadow over the faith of the islanders.

Armed with weapons and drenched with greed, Captain Samut and his crew anchored off-shore and made their way to the beach with noises as horrific as thunderstorms. Their deafening hail broke the morning peace, and their black attires dotted the blue beach like dots of deep dark ink. 

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Alerted by the thundering noises, the people of the Andamanda rushed to the shore, only to find in horror  that their home were being attacked by the Captain Samut and his wicked crew.  Cries and screams of the villagers  could be heard echoing in the once peaceful bay. The villagers hovered together, unsure of what to do, while the Pirates penetrated deeper into the island. Among the crowd shaken with fear, Chaiya, a brave Village boy, stood out firmly, determined to protect his island and its people. Chaiya shouted out to Captain Samut, challenging him to a fight. 
Captain Samut laughed out loud as though humored by the little's boy act of bravery.   
Unexpectedly, Chaiya launched himself at Captain Samut who was drawing out his gleaming sword. Using his kickboxing skill, Chaiya knocked down the Great Pirate who was not prepared for such attack, his sword flew out of his hand.
The Pirate Captain was enraged, his eyes burning red with anger. And with thundering shout, he ordered his crew to attack.
Chaos thus broke out as islanders and the Pirates jumped into a massive fight. Sand dust fogged the air and Chaiya could hardly see. The kickboxing boy fought left and right, his forcefully kicks stunned many pirate crews.
However, sensing that the islanders were at their short ends, Chaiya decided to signal his people to withdraw.
Entangled in a fight, Chaiya receded and was pushed back all the way to the sacred Nagon Statue in front of his village. Almost lost to a brutal slash, Chaiya's back was pressed against the cold, solid rock of the Nagon Statue when, all of the sudden, the eyes of the dragon-shaped Statue glowed piercingly with light. 
Chaiya was startled at what he witnessed.

As the light grew forcefully stronger, the bedazzled Chaiya, found himself being carried to another world.
It was through a dark tunnel, while spiraling uncontrollably, that a vision appeared before him. 
Since the beginning of time, Nagon God was the protector of the Great Andaman Bay and of this island gem.  However, as he aged with time, Nagon was deeply concerned that his mortality would mean ultimate doom to Andamanda. He decided to divide his supreme power into five portions. Each portion was engraved into five sacred items which were then scattered all over the island. Once his power was dispersed, Nagon God turned into solid rock statue, guarding the entrance of the village as the sacred landmark. Nagon God and his Supreme Power would come back to life upon the reuniting of the five sacred items
Chaiya felt the spiral halted and he had arrived at an indistinct place where light dimmed around what seemd like a humongous dragon.  It was indeed the Nagon Statue, however, the Nagon was not solid cold as he had seen a thousand times, it was glowing with shimmery fire. Chaiya heard the soft but powerful voice of the Nagon Statue spoke to him mercifully but also demandingly "Peace could only return to the village once the five sacred items are united."
The powerful voice receded, and another vision appeared in front of Chaiya. The first of the sacred item was the Emerald Stone. 

The deep green stone was carried by the mystically beatiful creature, Kinnaree, who resided deep in the luscious Emerald Forest in the heart of the island.  The Emerald stone had the great power of protecting its carrier. Its strength was so strong that almost no elements or force can penetrate its barrier power. 
Chaiya saw the vision evolved, emerging to sight was dark wavering water glittering under the bright sun, it was the Coral World.

Appearing from far distant was the ruler of the Coral World, Waree. The Great Whale Shark moved closer to Chaiya, however, he indeed was not swimming.

Waree seemed to be sailing on a mysterious object. Chaiya never saw any thing quite like it before. Its yellow body seemed to be soft and flowy, all the while strong and firm, took up a shape of a surfboard.  As soon as Waree haulted mid-water, the yellow object softened and transform to a wavering silk floating gracefully around the great ruler of Coral World. 
Chaiya knew immediately that the object was the legendary Magic silk and Waree and his silk made the second sacred items.  The invaluable silk could transform itself into any object on earth and it only listened to the order from the Great Whale Shark.
Image of Waree and his magic silk gradually dissolved and new vision appeared. Chaiya saw a great lightning strike across the dark sky and a glowing red fireball shot down fiercely at the midst of the Naga Jungle.

Following the red trail, Chaiya saw a cave hidden in the green lush. The cave took shaped of the Holy Nagon Statue and was glowing softly from within. The vision brought Chaiya inside and in awe, he saw a small creature curled up peacefully in a small nook of the cave. That creature was indeed a small Nagon.  Before it was shown to him how the little creature worked as a sacred item, the scene altered once again, this time, shimmering bright blue with piercing sunshine.
The waves of Andaman Bay crushed the shore with seagull mewing far on distant cliff. Chaiya cringed as the laughter of the devilish Captain Samut broke to the air.  Aboard his ship, the Captain Pirate was sneering as he brandished the gleaming sword left and right, his head high with pride of such possession.
It was the Sword of the World, an item with obstruction force so powerful it could shatter the core of the Earth. It was the third of the scared item.

Suddenly, the image of the fearless Captain wavered and Chaiya felt himself being moved swiftly. Koh Tapu appeared before his eyes surrounded by the moon-shaped lagoon in turquoise color. 
At the peak of the nail-shape island hill, the last of the five sacred elements lied buried underneath a great Banyan Tree. A soft beating was echoing and Chaiya knew immediately what it was. 
It was the heart of the Nagon.  Suddenly appeared a vision of the thudding heart conjugating with its curled up little torso sleeping peacefully inside Naga Cave. Beams of bright yellow light illuminated the entire dark cave and slowly back to life was the small Nagon. Upon his awakening, he yawned softly and suddenly was caught in series of forceful sneezes, blowing out fire and ice uncontrollably in all directions. The little Nagon then fluttered his yellow wings, and after small hitches, bolted right out the cave, navigated the sky in a giant hover and shot down the turquoise water in a mighty dive, sending majestic splashes high up to the sky.

Once again, Chaiya's vision swiftly darkened and he felt himself being pull back through a dark tunnel. A split second later, the revered Nagon Statue appeared before him, choatic noises of fights and cries resounding nearby. The Statue appeared solemn and tranquil as Chaiya had seen it all his life, however, he could hear the God's powerful voice spoke to him "We must re-unite all the five sacred items before they fall into evil hands. You, Chaiya, are the chose one. You must decide whether to embrace this faith and embark on this journey. It is your choice."
The sky was then shaded with sunset orange.  The boy from the once peaceful village in the great Andaman Bay, his eyes strong with determination, his conscious cleared, spoke back to the Nagon God for the first time "Let this journey begins"

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Since the beginning of time, Nagon God was the protector of the Great Andaman Bay and the island gem. However, as he aged with time, Nagon was deeply concerned that his mortality would mean ultimate doom to Andamanda. He decided to divide his supreme power into five portions. Each portion was imprinted into five sacred items which were scattered throughout the island.

Once his power was dispersed, Nagon God turned into a stone statue, guarding the entrance of the village as a sacred landmark. Nagon God and his Supreme Power would come back to life upon the reuniting of the five sacred items.

Special Ability
Able to divide his power and engrave into objects to sustain his mortality.

Special Item




Chaiya's ancestors were from Chaiya, Suratthani Province, which is home to the Legendary Muay Thai Boxing. After his home was invaded by the evil pirate Captain Samut, his family moved to Andamanda Island. As a reminder of his roots and the love of his hometown his parents named him Chaiya.

Core Competency
Muay Chaiya is a style of traditional Thai Boxing, founded around 200 years ago. The word “Muay” refers to boxing “Chaiya” refers to the name of the city. 

Brave, Disciplined, relentless and determined to protect his Island and its people.

Special Ability
Muay Chaiya, Kickboxing, adept fighter, super strength, and speed. Great leader and six senses, he can hear Nagon God’s powerful voice.


Nora’s name derives from Manora, a traditional performance of Southern Thailand. Nora is one of Thailand’s mighty Kinnaree’s she lives and protects the people of the Emerald Forest. She possesses the Emerald stone, the first sacred item found by Chaiya. .

Core Competency
Kinnaree is depicted as a young woman of sublime beauty wearing an angel-like costume. The lower part of her body is like a swan, enabling her to fly wherever she wants, and to travel back and forth between the human and the mythical worlds.

Special item:
Emerald stone, the power of defense. With power so strong that no amount of force can penetrate its barrier.

Special Ability
Nora can conjure thunderstorms by harnessing the power of the Emerald Stone.




At the peak of Koh Tapu a nail-shape island hill, the fourth and fifth sacred elements lie buried underneath a great Banyan Tree. The heart of the Great Nagon God and the Little Nagon.

Peaceful, youthful.

Special Item
The heart of the Great God Nagon, the power of Dragon when you discover the dragon heart and bring it to Nagon then his power will return and become one of the specials items.



Captain Samut and his infamous crew are known to be the most gruesome pirates in the ocean. Any land they set foot on will never see peace again. Sarang accompanies him always, a hermit crab buddy for evil plans. With plans to attack Andamanda Island on his quest to find the legendary treasure buried beneath the center of the island. However, Chaiya and the reunion of the five sacred items are sure to cause resistance

Sarang is an amphibious hermit crab, he lives in water and on land. He can communicate with Captain Samut only.

Captain Samut: Conniving, Mastermind, Nautical prowess.

Sarang :  Tricky, loyal.

Special Item
Sword of the world, the power of destruction. An item with force so powerful it could shatter the core of the Earth. 

Special Ability
Sarang: Ability to predict the weather by his using his tentacles. 


Batik is a Great Whale Shark and ruler of Coral World. Batik possesses the second sacred item, a legendary silk Magic ribbon adorned with a crystal marble. The silk ribbon can transform itself into any object and can only be used by Batik.

"Magic ribbon silk is the second of the sacred items to be found by Chaiya. The whale shark is one of the symbols that indicate the abundance of the sea because their favorite meal is plankton. They scoop these tiny plants and animals up, along with any small fish that happen to be around, with their colossal gaping mouths while swimming close to the water's surface."

Special Item
“Magic Ribbon, the power of transformation” The invaluable silk ribbon can transform itself into any object on earth and can only be used by the Great Whale Shark.

Special Ability
He can create a giant wave using the silk ribbon and magic marble. However, he must use the two items together